Established as Maysan in 1969, Maysan Mando took active part in the development of the Turkish automotive market as the first company in Turkey to produce shock absorbers. After the Company was taken over by Çukurova Group, in 1976 major automotive producers such as Oyak Renault, Tofaş and Mercedes Benz Türk were added to the Company’s impressive roster of customers.

In 1997, the company became a joint venture with the South Korean Mando Corporation and renamed Maysan Mando, to signify a new era of corporate transformation and enhanced management, design and production capabilities.The customs union agreement signed in the 1990’s paved the way for free access to high quality, low priced products from global automotive manufacturers in the domestic market thereby compelling domestic suppliers to both increase their capacity and move into a zero failure era. Thanks to its strategy of offering R&D services, top quality products, global sourcing, high automation and strong relationships with OEMs, Maysan Mando weathered this transformative era well and was able to preserve its market position despite very harsh competition from Far Eastern manufacturers.

Today, Maysan Mando’s product range consists of an extensive portfolio of shock absorbers for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, buses and heavy trucks as well as railway and military applications. 55% of the Company’s total production is dedicated to export OEMs such as Hyundai Czech and many local OEMs such as Hyundai Assan, Oyak Renault, Mercedes Benz Türk, BMC, Ford Otosan, Tofaş, Anadolu Isuzu, Iveco, Otokar, Karsan, Mitsubishi and Temsa. With 24% of the production the Company is able to meet the domestic aftermarket demand; the remaining 21% is exported to countries such as Germany, Italy, the UK, Russia and Iran.

By the end of 2010, the Company’s total market share in the domestic aftermarket stands at 40% and up to 80% in the OEM bus and truck segment. Maysan Mando thrives in today’s fast-paced market conditions.

Building upon its well-rooted relations with OEMs, Maysan Mando won a contract by Renault & General Motors for the development and mass production of the new generation of Clio and Traffic models. The mass production began in 2014. In the middle of 2014, Maysan Mando raised its annual production capacity from 4 million units to 6 million units and aims to further develop the automation processes in its production facilities in the coming years and thereby draw more business from OEM producers to its customer range. The Company targets to increase its annual production from 3.2 million to 5.0 million units by halfway through 2011.

Company has ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Certificate and ISO 14001: Enviroment Management System Certificate, as well as ISO TS 16949:2002 Quality Certificate. In 2008, the Q1 Certificate was given to Maysan Mando by Ford, also in April 2009 has been awarded by the EFQM for Achievement Award